One of our original specialties was Industrial Projects and Structural Repairs. These projects helped grow our company into what it is today. We continue to perform a variety of Industrial-type and/or structural repair projects throughout the region.


During our 20+ years of contracting, we have completed dozens of projects for local municipalities. These projects have included detention centers, police training facilities, recreation centers, and administrative office buildings.


We are experienced with commercial office buildings on both large and small scales. Our team of professionals has successfully delivered numerous office buildings throughout the region.


Since 1996,  we have performed numerous projects for various federal agencies including NAVFAC, USACE, USCG, NASA, GSA & AFETA. These projects have included barracks, hotels, training centers, office buildings, security improvements, and infrastructure upgrades.


We have proven ourselves to be a pioneers in the field of facade removal and replacement, especially on and over occupied facilities.  Our expertise has been implemented on brick facades, limestone, panels, EIFS, precast panel, and metal/composite wall panel systems.  These projects have ranged in values from several thousand dollars up to more than $47 […]


We are regional leaders in the construction of Education Facilities, with nearly 60 completed major school projects. These projects include new construction, large additions, and/or major renovations for school divisions throughout the region. Our clients include Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Chesapeake Public Schools, Portsmouth Public Schools, Suffolk Public Schools, Dare County Public Schools, Hertford […]