Mancoll Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

This new medical office building is ground-up construction, including complete site work (earthwork, utilities, concrete, landscaping, etc.). The project includes space for future tenants. Construction consist of a structure of conventional concrete and steel with exterior finishes of glue-lam beams, EIFS, metal and decorative block, tile and wood. Interior finishes are higher-end and include systems […]

Children’s Dental World

This design/build project included the construction of a second dental office for Dr. Steven Lang, to house Children’s Dental World, in Portsmouth, VA.

Ghent Eye Care

BGI completed this design/build project with Space Design Group (Norfolk) in the summer of 2012. Throughout the renovations, the facility remained occupied.

Office for Dr. George Pegram, II

BGI completed this design/build project for Dr. George Pegram in early 2010. The project includes the complete building out of the space, including slabs, and all necessary building finishes and systems.

Naval Medical Center, Building 3

Building 3 had been experiencing substantial leak and moisture infiltration problems for many years. The building, constructed in 1958, featured a Flemish header bond that differs greatly from the methods used in today’s masonry practices. Heartland recieved the award for the project in 2010. Shortly after award, exploratory demolition began and revealed a myriad of problems with the existing CMU backup wall. As a result, the project required significant redesign in order to facilitate the facade replacement. HCI teamed with a local engineering firm to design a retrofit relief angle system that could attach to the existing steel frame while not compromising the 50-year-old structure. In addition to the complex relief angle design, HCI also had to develop a wind-bracing system that would protect both the new masonry and exposed backup wall conditions from wind exposure. Without this system, the existing backup walls would be susceptible to structural failures and collapses. This $49 million project was completed in August of 2015.