Allan Myers Chesapeake Office Building

Complete interior and selective exterior demolition of existing office building and construction of new regional corporate office to include work spaces, conference rooms, exercise room, exterior patios.  Project consists of structural metal studs, refurbished concrete panels, high-level interior finishes and new mechanical, electrical, data and plumbing systems.

Mancoll Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

This new medical office building is ground-up construction, including complete site work (earthwork, utilities, concrete, landscaping, etc.). The project includes space for future tenants. Construction consist of a structure of conventional concrete and steel with exterior finishes of glue-lam beams, EIFS, metal and decorative block, tile and wood. Interior finishes are higher-end and include systems […]

Coastal Equipment Company

Replacement of mechanical systems, major interior renovation and complete new exterior building facade, while maintaining all building operations

ECPI University Renovations

Interior renovation of existing academic space, including cyber lab space, student and faculty lounges, cafe’, nursing lab, offices, classrooms and library.  

Enterprise Commerce South

The project consisted of a 16,700 SF design-build commercial office building, also including the interior improvements of three separate tenant spaces.  The project included general site work, building concrete, structural steel, masonry veneer, storefront, and high level interior finishes for each tenant space, as well as plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.